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The art of SeatingZen & the art of seating – to us, zen is all about inspiring harmony..


We are a brand working to be synonymous with 'seating' in furniture. We bring to you all kinds of ideas & inspiration in seating with a rang that is spread from work sits to leisure sits with accessories in tow.
A Productive workplace stems from healthy employees. The mental and physical well-being can positively impact the productivity and thus profitability.
Ideally, the best seating position is the lotus. Yet the demands of the current revolution make it absolutely necessary for us to include modern-day innovation in our furniture.
While there's nothing that can be perfect model to healthy seating, given the long hours we are seated, our 'seating-essentials' must male sure they produce comfort and tempt productivity, be it office or our home.
Brand Zennoiir is committed to bringing to you designs that complement this very ethos of seating, bringing you quality products backed by effective pricing and efficient service.