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Veneta Cucine

A Kitchen on a Mission


What does a kitchen need today? Does it require morphing cabinets? Or changing counter tops? Does it require a five year warranty? Or an assurance of quality? What do you think?Perhaps you’re concerned about the environment, and think the high end kitchen solutions allow for nothing but emission of harmful chemicals. Or possibly you’re one of those who require your own design models, your own answers, your own solutions to your design issues?
Veneta Cucine can bring you the universe of all kitchens with 10 systems, 40 models based on 7 different frames, generating over 300 options! 6000 Codes,420 Worktops finishes,10 Systems, 40 Models, Wood, Lacquered (matt and glossy), Decorative, Laminate finish, Colorboard finish, BBS® Antibacterial, Vacuum Formed PVC (matt and glossy), Glass (matt and glossy), Stainless steel!
I’m panting now, there can’t be more? Can there?
Running the show for over four decades, Veneta Cucine gives its whole hearted emphasis not only to aesthetics of design but also to the character of every material it uses to produce each marvel of art. Their designs range from the most sleek and elegant finishes of glossy laminates and plys to the most soothing and vigorous finishes of matt works of the same. Without a doubt, their objective of perfection, quality and sustainability (of environment) is radiated from every design that they conceive here, at Veneta Cuinine.
In 2013 the company obtained OHSAS 18001:2007 certification with regard to its occupational health and safety system. In 2012, Veneta Cucine implemented an environmental management system that adhered to ISO 14001 standards, obtaining certification. The company now adheres to certain production methodologies and rules for the use of materials, thereby also adhering to regulations limiting harmful emissions. This basically translates to the degree of trust a consumer can regard to them, for the standards assure complete safety in not only design aesthetic but also an all round development of the brand. A brand that grants not only consumer satisfaction but ensures complete and a comprehensive effort in design as well as sustenance of design.
The elements making up the kitchens are built of wood that is 100% recycled.One of the most interesting new ideas is BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard, a trademark created for an antibacterial treatment using silver ions. The surfaces of laminates are given this treatment, which reduces bacterial growth by 99.9%.
A ranging autonomy that allows the customer free access to design as per requirement within and without a spectrum of ranging options. Veneta Cuinine is ready for you!