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Exclusive Kitchens for Exclusive Souls


For someone has rightly said, to please a person’s heart you must please their stomach first!
Founded over a century ago, in 1892, Friedemir Poggenpohl set out to improve the kitchen, Poggenpohl today is an international name famous for the value it grants to the customer specifications in their design. No it’s not a typo, it wasn’t 1992. It was 1892. Flabbergasted much?
Poggenpohl’s policy is to create a user friendly design. It’s your kitchen, so they’ll make it for you, by you and with you. At Poggenpohl you’re required to run in with probably a well set mind, maybe a pencil and a scrapbook of ideas. It could be in your head or it could be on paper, all they need is your mind to be made up. Be sure what you need to include to every precise detail, because they’ll ask you everything, suggest to you many things, and in the end deliver to you your exclusive design. Your brainchild, their hard-work.
Revolutionizing the kitchen design, they were the first to digress from the traditional wood finished kitchens and evolve an era of white designs. The inventors of the kitchen island concept, they today have expanded themselves over seventy countries, leaving their mark upon almost every continent in the world. They’re there everywhere, you don’t need to look too heard! Their range of materials allow the user end to be able to visualize possibilities from one end of the spectrum to another, there is no stop and go with Poggenpohl, there’s only GO GO GO with them!
An ergonomic sensitive company that builds for all heights and measurements, your kitchen will definitely suit your needs in all ways! You may be short or tall, there won’t be a standard counter top height which you’re required to stick to. Poggenpohl also makes sure that you use every inch of your kitchen space, their drawer sliders don’t consume a wider girth since they come stacked on top of each drawer. This enables maximum use of your kitchen volume in terms of length, width and height. Poggenpohl ensures extreme quality, so much so that their kitchen plys take up to weights of fifty kilograms per square feet!!
If this isn’t enough, they administer automatic illumination in their drawers and cabinets – next time you wake up for a midnight snack, you definitely won’t have to worry that you may wake others up!
Poggenpohl is here to expand your kitchen experience, to make your kitchen with your voice!