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Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd

Marbles & Granite Industries Ltd


A thought that wriggled into a dream; a dream that sprang into belief and a belief that grew to so much more. We are so much more than from where we began; we are more than just marbles and granites; we are a lifestyle. We are not satisfied with merely providing marbles and granites to line your houses and workplaces, we strive to bring you a cocktail of the color and texture you need to breathe life into your homes and workplaces. From a jovial idea in 1984 to the state of the art facility at Abu Road, Rajasthan, we have hurtled from the new kid on the block to being a dominant player in the markets today. So, tell us your dreams and we’ll show you what they mean. Elegant Marbles as Manufacturers Meeting our large clienteles’ desires cannot be done with sub¬standard machinery. With high¬tech Italian machinery, we are able to produce two and a half million sq.ft of marble and granite tiles and slabs each year. That puts us right up there amongst the very best in the country. And if quality was quantifiable, that would put us even higher because we believe that there is no excuse to compromise on quality. What we do, we do well. Elegant Marbles as Importers As our clients, you can tell us exactly what you want and we will search the ends of the earth for it. Trust us, we’ve done it before. We have scoured the face of the planet whether it is Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Greece, Turkey or even the Czech Republic. In effect, if you can think of a country with beautiful marble and granite architecture, we have been there.