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Hilux boards are also highly water resistant and maintain their strength under conditions that other boards would not be able to withstand. 


Hilux boards are also highly water resistant and maintain their strength under conditions that other boards would not be able to withstand. When Hilux boards are immersed in water for 24 hours, they might lose their strength slightly but they regain their full strength as soon as they are dried. Placing the boards in water has no long-term effect on the board or on most of the decorated surfaces, hence they can be used in high humid areas or in places where there is a risk of water accidentally coming in contact with the board
Another advantage of Hilux Calcium Silicate boards is that they are termite resistant as well. Unlike other building materials, like Gypsum plaster- based boards and Plywood wood-based products, Hilux boards are highly resistant to termites and attacks from other vermin. This is because it is made of inorganic minerals and has stable crystalline structure, owing to use of minerals in the surface structure of the boards. In addition to this, the boards do not contribute to fungus growth and also have anti-bacterial properties
Hilux boards are light in weight therefore can be handled easily. Its dry density is 850-950 Kg/m3.
Hilux boards are also very flexible in design terms. A 6mm thick Hilux board can be bent (minimum radius-600mm) to provide curved surfaces. Boards will bend more easily, if bent across their long axis when they are wet or saturated.
Hilux boards can be beveled easily with carpenter’s tools.
Hilux boards should be carried on edges, preferably by two persons. The boards should not be carried in flat position. The boards should be stacked horizontally on a flat surface under covered area. Wooden pallets / battens, not more than 400mm apart, can be used to keep the boards away from the moisture from the ground. The boards should be lifted, not dragged. Protect the boards with heavy waterproof covering if stored out side and shift them inside at the earliest possible. If the boards do get damp, they should be dried by standing them at long edge to allow for ventilation. Never install damp boards.
Hilux boards can provide seamless finish decorated with most forms of paints, wall papers and laminates.
Hilux boards have the capacity to hold nails and screws and do not require any backing frame to hang light weight objects like picture frames.


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