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 The wind blew with great stillness in its voice.
 “Where are you?” It asked.
 “In the midst of many caged walls.” I replied.
 “Where do you want to be?” It asked again.
 “Anywhere,” I said, “I just want to be free.”

-By Team Interior Networkers | March 09, 2017

When you live in a city, life seems rather rapidly flowing. Its pace however becomes so monotonous that stagnancy interrupts its entire being. You sometimes forget to take a break, and other times you forget what a break is.
Houses today, require thus some amount of openness, where one can withdraw from the daily hazards that tumult and direct the mind. To liberalize thought, to allow it to break free from its dreary dawdle.
The options of exterior spaces requiring recognition in our grey environs hence follow:
The platform on the outside of your apartment, enclosed by walls or a railing, which may be supported by columns or console brackets.
This platform is projecting from the wall of the building, usually above the ground floor is today most efficiently made into a green patch to allow the user to feel the envelop of a garden once he has stepped into it.
Balconies are typically small and are not used as social spaces or for entertainment purposes, more like a personal relaxation space outside the house. Connecting with fresh (or relatively fresh) air, feeling the outside on the inside.
The more extravagant homes in the city have to themselves an adjoining deck. This is a flat (like a balcony), usually roofless platform adjoining a house (unlike a balcony).
Today, they are in floored with magnificent wood flooring (often referred to as decking) and have manageable green plantation embedded in their design.
This space may include dining and seating arrangements that allow the user to employ it as an entertainment zone.
Generally enclosed by railings or parapet walls, this space eels to be a step above than the general balcony (which is smaller and more enclosed).
In some cases, decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola, prevailing to be a semi open space (rather than semi closed).
The courtyard is the ornament of a more sensitively designed house or space, its defined as an open space that is surrounded completely or partially by a building or group of buildings. Apartments encircling a courtyard feature a more interactive environment, it allows not only an escape from the static walled enclosure but also provides one person to know another in today’s vertical neighborhood.
These few getaways allow the much required breaks from the daily run through of our extremely packed days. Kissed with nature, a balcony, deck, courtyard, etc allow the sense of the intangible environment to creep into our psyche, molding the ambiance into a more breath-able escape.
Hence these spaces call for your attention while the design of your house is in progress, don’t just let them be a sit out area! Allow yourself to want them to be a magical fairy tale for only that will grant to you a more vital and much required break. Let them be green, blue, yellow, purple. Allow your design or designer to colour them plenty so that they colour your life plenty!