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-By Team Interior Networkers | March 09, 2017

Colours today have found themselves amidst a minimal trend, where their many flamboyant family members are accursed to the shallows of “no-use” and “too-loud”. Colours today find their more dull tints favourable in the eyes of us individuals, the users or mayhaps the judgment passers (of their lives). Its not their fault though, all colours are good colours much like all children are good children, they just have their times and phases of popularity. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes not all that much.

Our many favoured shades this spring and summer thus waltz onto the dance floor:


Yellow has forever been a colour of summer, associated so closely with the season its definitely hard to miss. An accomplice of every summer trend, presently it allows itself to radiate with utmost magnificence once it collaborates with a more neutral shade, such as white : to allow a more subtle atmosphere to settle within the house and black : to allow a scream to shine from the various elements of the space.


Blue thwarts every speck turmoil from the nooks and corners of all spaces, it forces calm and composure to dwell within one’s system, within one’s mind. It emits the very fundamental characteristics of water, that is calm and stability that no other colour can settle within the psyche of man. And thus it finds itself to be in the list of “much preferable” this season. When a new year rolls in and bursts within us a bomb of work, it is this perception of water that allows a calm to settle even if for just a considerable amount of time.


Be it the pull of a green or the hue of a brown, the earthy shades have an eternal love embedded in them. Maybe because of Mother Earth’s depleting resources? Or for the simple reason, that we are all children of this planet born in the garden of Eden.

Marching shades of nature indoors to mimic the image of the exteriors inside, to allow the season of spring to dwell not only outside our windows but inside our spaces. This hue therefore places itself within our much liked order.


Previously a very evasive choice for its characteristic dull, shades of grey are more preferred today for its evident feeling of calm, however unlike the impression of water which leans towards the subtly of calm, steel and its shadows allow for an unspoken silence to prevail. For those who dislike the loud bustle of spring and summer are more likely to opt for this curtain of stillness.

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