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To tap into the benefits of the monsoon season, here are a few Vastu Shastra tips to consider for your home interiors during the season.

-By Team Interior Networkers | June 28, 2018

Interior Networkers brings to you this week a closing chapter to its monsoon maintenance of house interiors. This week we drift towards a more energy related topic, to cleanse your house of any negative energy, as the water pours from the sky let us detox your home and bring in good fortune. To tap into the benefits of the monsoon season, here are a few Vastu Shastra tips to consider for your home interiors during the season. 

According to Vastu Shastra, you can keep the doors and windows facing the north-east open after the first few showers to allow positive energy to flow in. The natural flow of rainwater in this direction can bring good luck by altering negative vibrations. However, do not allow rainwater to enter through the south-east and south-west direction as there could be a strong energy clash considering the south-east direction is known to be governed by the element of fire. Therefore, waterproof parts of the house in this direction that are prone to leaks. Fixing leaks will prevent ill health to prevail in your home, as per Vastu.

Placing a hanging basket with a four-leaf clover in front of the door or near the window will bring in good fortune.

As part of making your house monsoon-ready, it would be best to have pest control done at your place, especially near the drains in the kitchen and bathrooms. Pests and termites are usually carriers of negative energy.

If you have unattended wires at home, it would be advisable to get them fixed before the rains. if there’s a faulty wire in the house, do not neglect it. In addition to posing a health risk, exposed wires can also fuel negativity in a space, according to Vastu.

According to Vastu, the burning of camphor can purify the air during monsoon. The strong fragrance of camphor is loaded with healing properties, thereby filling your home with positivity. Also, mopping the floor with boiled neem leaves will clear your space of negative energy.

Vastu prescribes where plants can be placed to extract the maximum benefit from them. Planting lemongrass, which is known for its medical properties, near the window or in the garden will remove impurities from the home and its surrounding areas. 

Hope these tips help you set your interiors right this monsoon season!

Stay with us for a brand new series next month!