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Interior Networkers is back with a new batch of tips to deal with the monsoon blues your home will without a doubt face.

-By Team Interior Networkers | June 21, 2018


The scorching heat is travelling farther away from our landmass and the rain is bringing the relief that we have been seeking for over three months now. So here Interior Networkers is back with a new batch of tips to deal with the monsoon blues your home will without a doubt face. Today, we will go about a few essentials that will cover your home services: 


The first thing that gets affected due to rains is the exteriors of the house. After rains you might notice dullness on the exteriors of the house building. This is because generally the heavy rain washes out the paint. To avoid this, waterproof paints can be used. It is best to use this and is cost effective before the monsoon sets to avoid whitewashing the house frequently.


A thorough check should be done to the electrical system of n by a trained electrician in the electrical grounding system. Make sure to properly cover the joints and ensure quality wires for the household electrical items. If your electricity box is near the window or at a place where it might get wet, cover it with a plastic and keep it closed at all items.KEEP THOSE BUGS AWAY
The chances of termite attack in homes increases during rainy season. The dampening of walls during rains cause damage to furniture which leads to termites. It is best to get your home tested for termites. Termite control spray should be used in case even a single termite is spotted. It can also be sprayed as a preventive measure. Special care needs to be taken if you have wooden flooring. The floor can be waxed which absorbs moisture.


Try to avoid anything made of paper or cardboard during monsoons. If it gets dampened it might retain moisture and due to excessive moisture they easily get spoilt. If at all you have cardboard boxes at home, do not keep them on the floor. Place them at a higher altitude to avoid spoilages.

Do not shut the windows! Even though it is advised to shut the windows when it is raining, open the windows to allow daylight inside the room. It reduces humidity and removes dullness inside the home. .  Also, it removes the bad odour from home. Spread Silica gel powders in cupboards and drawers. They are essential moisture absorbers. If you couldn’t get silica gels, a simple alternative for these would be neem leaves. Spread a few leaves in your cupboard to avoid smelly clothes. Use a layer of paper to avoid neem leaves contacting the clothes.

 Equip yourself greater when Interior Networkers is with you, stay with us to keep yourself updated this rainy season!