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Interior Networkers is an integrated platform for all your Interior related queries. We are here to Empower each and every member with the latest on Trends Styles Products Architects Contractors Stores etc and to connect you all so as to encourage business and free flow of ideas and to take along with us the students who are the future generation to give them an opportunity to learn and be part of this ever so vast Industry.

We aim not only to digitalise the entire experience but to enhance and make easy the process which is otherwise unorganised and complicated. A common belief that Interiors is expensive needs to be abolished and we on our part would take all steps to do so.

Designers and Industry Professionals who are the makers of the Constitution of Design without which the Industry would never be the same we want to felicitate you and your efforts in making the Industry what it is today and hence give you this platform to show to the world at large in a concise manner some of your achievements.

With all the magazines that have been representing the Industry over decades we would love to join hands with you.We invite you to share your insights and experience to create one single platform for all the vested interests of the community at large without you all this vision will be blurred. To pen all the lovely thoughts and keep abreast the trends the bloggers are a community that are passionate and wanted we wait to work with you.

As a consumer you will be up-to-date with the latest trends having complete first-hand information on products that are latest in the industry architects and designers with their latest innovations and styles and also very soon you will be awarded by us for being with us with a new section which is full of benefits only for you ..keep visiting to find out more.

Brands we not only are your interface to the million of architects in India who you want to showcase your products to which we have made very easy on the click of a button here in our portal but we also help in influencing you to the untouched markets through our social media presence where we already have 30000 organic followers that are fast growing daily!!

Together we are part of a evolution a bigger story of digitalization growth transparency empowerment and a beautiful tomorrow….

Our Passionate Vision and Background

The vision is a Pan India Platform having a strong presence across the country backed with 25 years of experience from the Industry in creating an info media platform which not only markets you to reach your respective audience but also empowers you with the latest in technology industry insights and helps in improvising your efficiency at the click of a button so that when you think interiors you think INTERIOR NETWORKERS.

Dipti Bendre


Creative and Passionate born in a business joint family whose father was the Regional Manager of Philips India and Brother is a partner with Cognizant Technologies Solutions USA. Covent Educated completed Honours in Business Studies and learnt Management on field. Passion for creativity lead her to interiors where she met her life partner. She is always smiling and loves interacting with people, she is a Paul Harris Rotarian. Well-travelled and has a vision to create a world class product. Her passion for innovation and challenges along with her husband’s 25 years’ experience in the Industry was the seed for her brain child project “INTERIOR NETWORKERS” as she says the Industry’s next heartbeat.

Rahul A Bendre


Rahul A Bendre a gold medallist Interior Designer from Sir JJ College of Design started his career with Talathi and Panthaky and then went on to start his own Company ABC Design Management having 25 years of experience in designing understands the Industry its need its shortcomings complications and in the desire to digitalise and ease out the difficulties in the life of fellow designers Brands Suppliers and the fraternity at large providing full support and advise to his wife and founder of Interior Networkers in its planning areas of support intrest and markets trends and ways on how to empower the consumer and benefit the end user all in one single platform.

We look forward to hearing from you as we are here to integrate your services products and expertise and provide a platfrom that will be beneficial to you the architect designer consultant contractor brand product and consumer . This is a Businnes to Business and Business to Consumer Platform and we are here for you as our vision is to make a change in the ever growing Industry to make it easy for you …without you are vision will be blurred hence we thank you for trusting upon us and are here to listen to your voice please feel free to contact us always.